You’re not fat, you just have garbage in your body: here’s how to eliminate them with lemon

not fat

Sometimes a feeling of heaviness can be accompanied by bloating. Therefore, we sometimes blame it for excess food, but that may simply be due to the accumulation of waste in our body. With this natural preparation, enjoy laxative effects for fast colon cleansing. Thanks to this stimulating effect on the digestion, the residual toxins are eliminated and the body purified.

There is nothing more unpleasant than feeling your stomach belly. By consuming this remedy, get rid of this uncomfortable feeling of heaviness and find a flat stomach. This preparation is also a slimming ally because it is low in calories and contains ingredients that stimulate weight loss. Before revealing the secrets of its manufacture, we will explain the mechanisms of the foods that compose it.

Benefits of gingers

7. Gingers, to stimulate digestion

Ancestral remedy and millennium, the Asian rhizome was long used for its virtues on the digestive system. By boosting the production of enzymes and bile, the root fights against several ailments such as constipation, flatulence or cramps. According to this study, it is recommended to consume gingers to boost digestive function. A reason to prepare it more often in infusion or tea.

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