Understanding Mesothelioma Information

Mesothelioma Information

A mesothelioma is a form of cancer that grows within the Mesothelium. The Mesothelium is a membrane that surrounds certain organs of the body to provide protection. More specifically, Mesothelioma affects tissue lining the lungs, the heart and the abdominal cavity.

The Cause of Mesothelioma

There seems to be no disagreement that exposure to Asbestos is the most common and likely cause of Mesothelioma. This disease is usually considered to be a work-related illness as most patients are exposed to Asbestos at the workplace. It is very rare for patients to develop Mesothelioma as a result of Asbestos exposure outside of their job environments. Smoking by itself apparently does not cause Mesothelioma, however smoking after a Mesothelioma diagnosis is risky and counterproductive to treatment.

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