The quick solution to eliminate foot pain


Foot pain can be the result of physical exercise, uncomfortable shoes or muscle, and joint contractions. Whether the pain is in the heel, arch or toes, letting it go can make the pain worse and can be extremely uncomfortable throughout the day. If you experience foot pain, a relaxing foot bath with Epsom salt and cider vinegar can help soothe them!

Hot water

Hot water has been used for centuries as a healing method in many cultures. Hot springs are considered a panacea in many countries because of their soothing effects. Hot water relaxes muscles, relieves stress and promotes circulation for better health. It works by reducing joint compression, creating more space to avoid contact between them, which can easily cause pain. However, the temperature of the water must not exceed the internal temperature of the body. Water temperature below 102 degrees Fahrenheit is preferable. If the water is too hot, it can increase the body’s blood pressure and put pressure on the heart.

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