That’s why you should know what kind of pimples you have. Under no circumstances can you express it in a shape!


Pimples pose an unpleasant beauty problem for 80 to 95 percent of all teenagers – but also for many adults – one in five suffer from the common skin condition. The causes range from unhealthy nutrition to hormone changes to the wrong skincare. But pimples are not just pimples: there are different types that need to be treated differently so that they disappear quickly.

1. Papules

Papules are knots under the skin that are often very painful. This can be caused not only by acne but also by an allergy, a skin tumor or an insect bite. In this case, you can not do much more than regularly cleanse the affected skin. In most cases, the papules resolve themselves over time. Rarely, it can cause eczema or pustules.

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