Symptoms of a Lethal Disease: Stroke!


Stroke or stroke is a very serious illness that can occur in any time or anywhere. This brain damage is considered the first cause in women.

This article presents the symptoms, signs and manifestations of this disease in men and specifically in women.

With more than 18,300 deaths, stroke is considered the leading cause of death among women and the third cause in men in France. Women tend to have a higher stroke than men because women have longer life expectancy and a more complicated hormonal system and can influence blood clotting and blood vessel development. This disrupts the cerebral vasculature prevents the arrival of oxygen and promote stroke.

Types of stroke:

There are two types of stroke:

  • Hemorrhagic stroke:

Following a rupture of the cerebral vessels due to severe hypertension or severe trauma, the released blood causes constant pressure and swelling in the brain. This requires early medication to lower blood pressure or even a surgical procedure in severe cases with angioplasty.

  • Ischemic stroke:

Following a cessation of blood supply due to embolism or vascular narrowing, the areas of the brain involved begin to deteriorate. This imposes a treatment that prevents clots from growing and limits the risk of formation of new clots.

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