Mesothelioma Facts and Info

Mesothelioma Facts and Info

Mesothelioma cancer is caused by the inhalation, or swallowing, of asbestos. Nearly 3,000 people are stricken with this disease each year. It is most commonly obtained through exposure on work sites such as those involving old buildings, roofing, or any job that requires handling vast amounts of steel and iron.

Asbestos was once considered an instant solution to projects which required the use of binding materials. It was inexpensive, easy to make, and readily available. Asbestos is a naturally- found fiber. The fragments are so small that the human eye cannot see them, and they have no smell or taste, so it is difficult to tell if you have been exposed to these fibers. They build up in the body, and do not cause problems right away. In some cases, it can take decades for the damage from asbestos to be noticed in the body.

As dangerous a resource that asbestos is, it has yet to be banned in the United States, although many people believe it is. Due to this fact, numerous people have been needlessly exposed to asbestos. In addition, they do not even realize it until the damage is irreversible.

When working with asbestos, it is wise to use protection, such as a breathing mask, to prevent one from inhaling these fibers. If you are working with this product also wear gloves and refrain from touching your mouth or the interior of your nostrils.

If for some reason you are in contact with asbestos and proper protection cannot be provided, do not handle the material. It would be wise for you use machinery, rather than your hands. The further you can stay away from any material containing asbestos, the better. Its fiber strands are extremely small and this toxin stays airborne for a period, much like dust.

Mesothelioma cancer occurs in the mesothelium, which is a thin layer of cells that surrounds several organs of the chest, abdomen, and heart. The mesothelium serves our bodies as a spacer between the various organs and reduces friction with fluid.

This particular cancer is quiet aggressive. Often the victim does not realize they have it until the cancer is already in its later stages of development. Luckily, with the advances in modern day medicine, mesothelioma can be diagnosed at an earlier stage of its progression and treatments can be started in order to enhance your chances of survival and increase your life expectancy.

If you think you might have mesothelioma, you should see your doctor immediately and speak with him or her about your symptoms. Working with a doctor, as with all illness and disease, will greatly increase your chances of surviving mesothelioma.

If you do have mesothelioma, you may want to consider contacting a lawyer about the circumstances during which you contracted this frightening cancer. As in many cases of cancer, your illness probably could have been prevented. When this is the case, someone should be held responsible.

Source By Chirag Naiknavare.


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