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Insurance: towards a rise in car and home rates in 2019


Insurers could increase their rates from 1% to 2%, according to the forecasts of a specialized firm.

Your car insurance may be more expensive next year. The consulting firm Facts & Figures, reports the daily Les Echos, anticipates in its forecast study published Thursday increases of 1 to 2%.

This upward trend could also affect homeowners insurance in similar proportions. The same study forecasts average increases of 1 to 2%, but up to + 5%.

The insurers surveyed by Les Echos confirm these probable increases, even if they have not yet set their rates and they diverge on the figures. One generally expects rates to be “systematically above 2%”, another to increases of about 4%.

“In the automotive industry, the founder of Facts & Figures is relativized, however, the competition is such that it makes the possibility of passing significant increases difficult”. According to him, insurers “can no longer pass their price increases.” The average amount of the premium, which was 465 euros excluding taxes in 2016, had thus risen to only 466 euros excluding taxes in 2017.

An analysis that joins the consulting firm Actuaris. “Insurers will have a hard time justifying stronger rises, because customers have heard a lot that lowering road speeds to 80 km / h will drive down the number of accidents,” he said. echoes.

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