8 natural remedies to say goodbye to sciatic pain


Sciatica is characterized by symptoms of pain in the leg, from the lower back, spreading in the buttocks and sometimes to the foot. This is not a medical diagnosis in itself, but rather a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis (spinal disease), or stenosis of the spine can cause sciatica symptoms.

The intensity of the pain can vary, from infrequent and irritating to constant and disabling. If you feel that contractions are mild and you do not feel it’s worthwhile to see a doctor, keep reading this article. We offer 8 natural remedies that will relieve your pain and discomfort caused by it. Nevertheless, we would like to remind you that self-medication is not always a good idea, especially when you do not know the origin of your pain. So, if the discomfort persists or the pain intensifies, consult a doctor immediately.

Symptoms of sciatic nerve pain

  • Constant pain on one side of the buttock or leg (rarely in both legs)
  • Pain that intensifies in a seated position
  • Burning or stinging sensation in the leg
  • Weakness, numbness or difficulty moving the leg, foot and/or toes
  • Acute pain that can make it difficult to get up or walk

8 natural solutions to soothe your sciatic pain:

8. A compress

Alternating hot and cold compresses can be very useful in cases of sciatic pain. Indeed, hot compresses will improve blood circulation, and cold compresses will relieve inflammation and pain.

7. Turmeric

Several studies have confirmed the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of turmeric. Thanks to the curcumin it contains, it effectively relieves inflammation and reduces oxidative stress. In addition, a study conducted by the neurosurgery department at Di Venere Hospital in Italy has shown that the anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric to treat lumbar sciatica pain is further intensified when combined. with piperine found in black pepper.

You can also prepare an equally effective remedy by adding a teaspoon of turmeric and a teaspoon of honey in a glass of hot milk and drinking this mixture twice a day.

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