8 habits that significantly damage your kidneys


The kidneys are two small organs with many functions. They play an important role in the elimination of excess waste, the balance of electrolytes and the creation of hormones. Often, people do not take enough care, leading an unhealthy lifestyle that can lead to kidney problems. Here are several harmful habits that you must stop to improve their health.

8. Lack of water

The main function of the kidneys is to eliminate waste and toxins from our body. When one does not drink the amount of water needed each day, the kidneys dehydrate and the renal blood flow decreases and leads to the creation of toxic deposits in the body. Thus, stones can form in the kidneys afterward.

7. Hold your urine for a long time

When you hold large amounts of urine for a long time, it can cause many health complications, including slowing down waste disposal and accumulating it in the kidneys.

6. Excessive salt consumption

Salt contains a lot of sodium and when you abuse salt and salty foods, the kidneys may have trouble getting rid of it, which puts extra pressure on the body.

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